About Us

Mission Statement

Although we realise that we are not the first contract manufacturers to come into existence – it is a well-known fact that first to market wins. If you cannot be first to market, be the first in a new category. We aim to empower brands with market leading innovative health solutions that will create change, solve, and dominate nationally and internationally.

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Send us over some of the details of what you want to make, including the formula, dosages, packaging type and quantity. If you need some guidance, just get in touch and one of our advisors will be happy to help.

Review our Offer

We’ll generate a quote for you and work out the lead time for you to review. If you’re happy we can get the ball rolling and get your product manufactured or sampled from within 7 days.

Receive your Product

You’ll receive a great representation of your brand, manufactured to the highest quality. And, if you order again we can evaluate and decide your next order based on real customer data.