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Tropical fruit Garcinia cambogia, commonly referred to as Garcinia gummi-gutta, is a native of Southeast Asia. Other names for it include brindle berry and Malabar tamarind. Garcinia cambogia is widely used in its native region as a food preservative and as an ingredient in curries. However, it is mostly taken in the United States as tea or dietary supplements.

Garcinia Cambogia green fruit


There are multiple health claims about this ingredient, some of its benefits include:

  • May help lose weight: Garcinia cambogia gained popularity due to reports that it can help with weight loss. It is anticipated that the active ingredient, hydroxycitric acid (HCA), could hinder the citrate lyase enzyme, which is involved in the storage of fat. Additionally, there aren’t enough long-term experimental control studies in people, which are required to ascertain the efficacy of these supplements. For instance, a study conducted in 2002 on 24 adults revealed that 900 mg of HCA per day resulted in a 15–30% reduction in daily caloric consumption and encouraged weight loss. However, there is conflicting information regarding its ability to help people lose weight, therefore more thorough research is required.
  • May boose serotonin levels: Initial research suggests that HCA may raise serotonin levels in the brain. Low levels of serotonin have been linked to a number of illnesses, including anxiety and depression. Serotonin is a significant messenger  in the brain. In some cases, increasing serotonin levels may help people with serotonin deficiencies lessen their depressive symptoms. To fully comprehend the effects and efficacy of boosting serotonin by HCA supplementation, more research is necessary. It is best to speak with a healthcare practitioner for tailored advice and guidance on how to respond to serotonin-related disorders.
    Brain photo in which serotonin levels are shown: a benefit of garcinia cambogia
  • Blood sugar management: According to research, garcinia cambogia’s active component, HCA, may help to regulate blood sugar by lowering blood glucose levels after meals. This effect is believed to be put on by HCA’s capacity to reduce the rate of small intestine glucose assimilation. According to a study, people who took 1000mg of garcinia cambogia everyday for six months saw improvements in their blood glucose profiles. While there is some indication that garcinia cambogia may be able to control blood sugar levels and enhance glucose metabolism, more studies are needed to determine the safety and effectiveness in this regard. A healthcare practitioner should be consulted before using garcinia cambogia as part of a comprehensive blood sugar management routine in order to receive personalised advice.

To fully comprehend the efficiency, security, and long-term consequences of garcinia cambogia supplementation, more research is required. Before using garcinia cambogia or any other dietary supplement, it is crucial to speak with a healthcare practitioner who can offer personalised advice and direction based on specific health requirements and considerations. For the best possible well-being, it is advised to put an emphasis on a balanced diet, regular exercise, and healthy living practises.


Garcinia cambogia operates by a process known as de novo lipogenesis, which involves suppressing the activity of an enzyme called citric acid lyase, which is essential for the creation of fatty acids. Animal studies show that (-)-Hydroxycitric acid, the main ingredient in garcinia cambogia, suppresses de novo lipogenesis, which results in decreased consumption of food and body weight. However, most human investigations have been unable to confirm these results. This gap may result from de novo lipogenesis being less active in humans than it is in other animals, particularly rats, which exhibit higher levels of this process. Even though a few small studies on humans have indicated weight loss, the findings are inconsistent and inconclusive.

Ultimately, there is conflicting evidence about the efficacy of garcinia cambogia in people, and the processes underlying its benefits on appetite suppression and losing weight are not well understood. To clarify the mechanisms and assess the dependability and efficacy of garcinia cambogia for weight management, more research is required.


Due to the lack of standardised guidelines and the variety across different brands, determining the proper dosage of garcinia cambogia can be difficult. Numerous research looking at the benefits of garcinia cambogia have employed daily doses of HCA (hydroxycitric acid) ranging from 500 to 1500 mg. The FDA does not regulate garcinia cambogia supplements, thus it is crucial to choose one carefully. Brands and even batches of the same brand can have different HCA contents. To guarantee the product has the claimed amount of HCA and to reduce the possibility of receiving an inadequate or excessive dose, it is essential to choose a recognised supplier.

The right amount of garcinia cambogia to take may also depend on your age and any underlying medical issues. Before adding a garcinia cambogia supplement to your daily routine, you must speak with a medical practitioner. They can offer you personalised advice, evaluate any interactions with any prescriptions you might be taking, and assist in making sure the brand you’re thinking about is reputable and of high calibre.


  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract 15% HCA (Garcinia cambogia)
  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract 4:1 (Garcinia cambogia)
  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract 50% HCA (Garcinia cambogia)
  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract 60% HCA (Garcinia cambogia)
  • Garcinia Cambogia Whole Fruit Powder 15% HCA 10 Mesh Coarse (Garcinia cambogia)
  • Garcinia Cambogia Whole Fruit Powder 15% HCA 20 Mesh Fine (Garcinia cambogia)

Garcinia Cambogia is also known as:

  • Gambooge
  • Pazham Puzhi
  • Bitter Kola
  • Malabar Tamarind

Garcinia Cambogia is commonly available as:

  • Garcinia Cambogia tablets
  • Garcinia Cambogia capsules
  • Garcinia Cambogia tea sachets

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