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Green coffee extract, which is made from unroasted coffee beans, has become famous as a nutritional supplement. It has significant levels of chlorogenic acids, which are thought to have a range of health benefits. Green coffee extract, unlike conventional roasted coffee, is treated to maintain its natural constituents, including chlorogenic acids. These elements are believed to have a role in the green coffee extract’s possible health benefits.

Green coffee beans


The benefits of green coffee extract are:

  • May assist in weight loss: Due to the high concentration of chlorogenic acids in this extract, this compound has gained attention as a potential weight loss treatment. It is thought that these compounds affect how the metabolism and appetite are controlled. The benefits of green coffee extract on weight loss were explored in a study that was published in the Journal of International Medical Research. In the study, 30 overweight participants were split into two groups. Green coffee extract was given daily to one group, while a placebo was given to the other. In comparison to the placebo group, the group that got the green coffee extract had significantly lower body weight and body mass index after 12 weeks. These findings imply that this extract may improve weight loss attempts when used in combination with balanced diet and regular exercise.
  • May reduce the risk of chronic diseases: Green coffee extract contains chlorogenic acids, which have antioxidant effects and may lower the risk of developing chronic diseases. Antioxidants assist to neutralise free radicals, which are highly reactive chemicals that can cause cell damage and contribute to the growth of many diseases. A study published in the journal Nutrients investigated the impact of chlorogenic acids on heart health. According to the study’s findings, chlorogenic acids may have a positive effect on cholesterol levels, inflammation, and blood pressure—all of which are crucial components in the prevention of heart disease. Furthermore, studies in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry point to the possibility that chlorogenic acids in green coffee extract have anti-cancer possibilities. While more research is required to completely understand every aspect of these advantages, preliminary results show that green coffee extract has the potential to lower the risk of developing chronic diseases.
  • May help in blood sugar management: It has been demonstrated that the extract’s chlorogenic acids prevent some enzymes involved in the synthesis and absorption of glucose from functioning. A better ability to control blood sugar results from this inhibition. A study published in the journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, and Obesity: Targets and Therapy looked at the effects of green coffee extract on people with type 2 diabetes. In comparison to the placebo group, the study indicated that using green coffee extract supplements significantly reduced fasting blood sugar levels. It is crucial to remember that before adding green coffee extract to their routine, people with diabetes or other disorders linked to blood sugar levels must consult with their medical professional.
Benefits of green coffee extract: may help in diabetes

However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that every person may experience effects in distinctive ways, and green coffee extract shouldn’t be considered a stand-alone treatment. Before beginning any new dietary supplement, it is advised to speak with a healthcare provider, especially if you are taking medication or have a medical condition.


When green coffee extract is taken orally, it causes a number of reactions in your body. Chlorogenic acids, the active ingredient in the extract, are released and processed in the digestive system. The potential impacts of chlorogenic acids on metabolism, blood sugar regulation, and antioxidant activity may begin to appear once they have been absorbed. Chlorogenic acids have been examined for their ability to improve fat metabolism and boost the utilisation of retained fat for energy in terms of metabolism and weight loss. This process may help with weight loss.

Green coffee extract may also help regulate blood sugar levels by blocking specific enzymes involved in glucose synthesis and absorption, resulting in better blood sugar control. Its antioxidant qualities also help to reduce oxidative stress by neutralising free radicals and safeguarding cells from damage. This antioxidant activity may aid in the prevention of chronic illnesses.

However, it is crucial to emphasise that more research is necessary to completely understand the processes and long-term effects of green coffee extract use. Therefore, It is usually advisable to speak with a healthcare professional before beginning any new dietary supplement.


It is significant to note that there is inadequate information available to provide conclusive recommendations on the dosage of green coffee extract. However, one study clarifies the dosage utilised without mentioning any unfavourable impacts. In this trial, green coffee extract doses up to 400 mg were given twice daily.  Before beginning this dietary supplement, it is recommended to consult with your healthcare professional. They can give you personalised advice based on your particular health requirements and concerns.


It is also available as:

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 10% Chlorogenic acids (Coffea arabica)
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 10:1(Coffea arabica)
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 12:1(Coffea arabica)
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 15% Chlorogenic acid (Coffea arabica)
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 20% Chlorogenic acid (Coffea robusta)
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 20% Chlorogenic acid (Coffea arabica)
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 20:1(Coffea arabica)
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 40:1(Coffea arabica)
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 45% Chlorogenic acid (Coffea arabica)
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 4:1(Coffea arabica)
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 50% Chlorogenic acid (Coffea arabica)
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 50% Chlorogenic acid (Coffea robusta)
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 50:1(Coffea arabica)
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 5:1(Coffea arabica)

Green Coffee extract is commonly available as:

  • Green Coffee extract tablets
  • Green Coffee extract capsule
  • Green Coffee extract powder

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