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Beetroot extract is a concentrated version of this root vegetable that has a number of health benefits. It is made from the colourful and nutrient-dense beetroot. Beets are admired for their earthy flavour and vibrant colour, which are caused by the abundance of betalains, which are naturally occurring pigments. Particularly these pigments are renowned for having anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. Beetroot extract concentrates and preserves the nutritious value of beets in a form that is easy to use.

beetroot extract

The beneficial elements of beets, such as vitamins, minerals, and bioactive substances, are extracted using procedures like juicing, drying, or other extraction techniques. These constituents may comprise vital nutrients such as potassium, manganese, and folate, in addition to nitrates and antioxidants. To maximise the potential health advantages of beets, the resulting extract can be added to various food products, taken as a dietary supplement, or mixed into health drinks. This extract is being acknowledged as a beneficial supplement to a well-balanced diet and wellness routine for a variety of reasons, including improving exercise performance and supporting cardiovascular health because of its nitrate concentration.


Here are some of the key benefits of Beetroot extract:

  • May reduce inflammation:  Research on the anti-inflammatory qualities of beetroot extract is quite promising. Numerous chronic health disorders are linked to inflammation, and beets—rich in pigments called betalains—have been studied for their potential to reduce inflammation. Consuming beetroot juice for two weeks significantly reduced inflammation markers such as C-reactive protein (CRP) and tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-a), according to an interesting study involving patients with high blood pressure. Moreover, betalain capsules made from this extract have demonstrated promise in helping osteoarthritis patients feel less pain and discomfort. These results imply that beetroot extract might have anti-inflammatory properties, but more studies are required to fully comprehend its workings and wider range of uses.
  • May improve athletic performance: Studies have demonstrated the potential of beetroot extract to improve sports performance. Beets are a great source of nitrates, which increase the mitochondria’s (the cell structures that produce energy) efficiency. Increased physical performance and endurance may result from this effect. Beetroot juice has been shown in a review of various research to improve athletes’ cardiorespiratory performance, endurance, and efficiency. Cycling performance and oxygen consumption improved for riders who added beetroot juice to their regimens. The nitrate content of beets is thought to be responsible for this impact, as blood nitrate levels peak many hours after consumption.
    benefit of beetroot extract: improves athletic performance
  • Blood pressure regulation: The potential of beetroot extract to support the maintenance of normal blood pressure levels has drawn attention. When consumed, beetroot nitrates are transformed into nitric oxide, a chemical that relaxes and widens blood vessels in a vasodilator manner. Blood pressure is reduced as a result of this natural process. Consuming beetroot juice or extract has been demonstrated in numerous trials to drastically lower blood pressure on both the systolic and diastolic levels. These benefits are thought to be especially advantageous for heart health and may lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Beetroot nitrates provide a safe, natural way to control high blood pressure.

You may benefit from these potential health benefits from using beetroot extract in your diet, but you should always seek the advice of your doctor, particularly if you have underlying medical conditions or are on a particular medication.


When consumed, beetroot extract affects the body through a number of important systems. The most notable activity is the transformation of beetroot’s dietary nitrates into nitric oxide (NO). One essential signalling molecule that is essential for controlling blood vessel function is nitric oxide. Once it is created, NO is a strong vasodilator, which causes blood vessels to relax and enlarge. Increased blood flow and reduced peripheral resistance are the results of this impact. As a result, beetroot extract lowers blood pressure, which makes it a useful natural treatment for hypertension.

benefit of beetroot extract

Furthermore, it is well recognised that beetroot improves mitochondrial activity. The energy-producing powerhouses of cells are called mitochondria. Beetroot nitrates appear to increase mitochondrial efficiency, which boosts oxygen utilisation during exercise. Because it increases mitochondrial activity, this extract is popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts because it improves endurance and athletic performance. Because of these combined benefits, this is a great dietary ingredient for improving athletic performance and cardiovascular health. Individual reactions may differ, so before adding this extract to your daily routine, especially if you have underlying health issues, it is best to consult with a healthcare professional.


The appropriate dosage of this extract to take depends on a number of parameters, including the person’s age, health, and specific health objectives. A reasonable beetroot extract consumption can be determined, nevertheless, by following a few fundamental principles. The majority of studies have used standardised extracts or beetroot juice in their investigations. Studies on the health benefits of beetroot extract frequently recommend consuming 70–140 ml of beetroot juice per day, which equates to 100–500 mg of dietary nitrates or 300–500 mg of standardised extract. Numerous studies have demonstrated that these dosages significantly lower blood pressure and enhance sports performance.

It is important to remember that while this extract is usually thought to be safe for most people, certain persons may react differently. Before starting thisregimen, anyone with special health concerns (e.g., low blood pressure, kidney problems, beet allergies) should speak with a healthcare provider. Moreover, before adding this supplement to their diet, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult a doctor. Those using this extract to treat hypertension should also regularly assess their blood pressure and general wellness. People should keep informed and speak with healthcare professionals to figure out the right dosage for their individual needs as beetroot extract research advances.


Beetroot Extract is also available as:

  • Beetroot Extract 0.3% Betanin (Beta vulgaris)
  • Beetroot Extract 10:1 (Beta vulgaris)
  • Beetroot Extract 4:1 (Beta vulgaris)
  • Beetroot Extract 5:1 (Beta vulgaris)
  • Beetroot Extract 6% Nitrate Natural (Beta vulgaris)
  • Beetroot Juice Concentrate Powder (Natural Bright Pink) (Beta vulgaris)
  • Beetroot Juice Concentrate Powder 2% Nitrate (Beta vulgaris)
  • Beetroot Juice Powder (Beta vulgaris)
  • Beetroot Powder (Beta vulgaris)
  • Beetroot Powder (Beta vulgaris) Organic

Beetroot Extract is commonly available in:

  • Beetroot Extract tablets
  • Beetroot Extract capsules
  • Beetroot powder extract
  • Beetroot liquid extract

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