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Burdock root extract is made from the roots of the burdock plant, which has long been used in traditional herbal medicine for its numerous health benefits. This root, which is native to Northern Asia and Europe but is now grown throughout the world, has historically been used as a diuretic and digestive aid. In recent years, research has revealed new applications and benefits for burdock root extract, making it an appealing option for complementary treatments.

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This extract has the potential to be an anti-inflammatory agent, an antioxidant source, and a digestive health support. The root is also said to help with skin conditions and promote detoxification. Burdock has garnered attention as a natural remedy for a variety of health concerns due to its diverse range of health-enhancing properties. While there is evidence to support some of these claims, more research is needed to clarify its effectiveness and continue exploring its prospects.


Here are some of the potential benefits of Burdock Root extract:

  • Rich in Antioxidants: Antioxidants like quercetin, luteolin, and phenolic acids are abundant in this extract. Antioxidants are necessary for defending cells against the oxidative damage brought on by free radicals. Free radical damage can result in a number of health problems, such as inflammation, chronic diseases, and early ageing. For instance, quercetin is well known for its potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Burdock root was found to be a promising source of natural antioxidants in a study that was published in “Food Chemistry” that looked at its antioxidant capacity. Consuming this extract may help lower oxidative stress and lower your risk of developing related health issues.
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  • Detoxification and Blood Purification: Burdock root has long been treasured in traditional herbal medicine for its detoxifying and blood-purifying attributes. These conventional uses are supported by research, as the bioactive components in burdock root can efficiently remove toxins from the bloodstream. It’s essential to detoxify if you want to keep your health overall. The blood can be detoxified, and skin circulation is improved by burdock root, according to a study in the “Journal of Ethnopharmacology
  • May relieve cancer: The anti-cancer potential of burdock has recently been studied. Initial results are encouraging, but more research is required. Active compounds found in burdock root may prevent some cancer cells from proliferating. According to a study published in the “Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry,” pancreatic carcinoma cells’ ability to grow was significantly hampered by burdock. Additionally, a study published in “Molecules” suggests that the active components of burdock root may have strong inhibitory effects on the growth of cancer, especially pancreatic carcinoma. Although these studies are still in their early stages, they imply that burdock root may be useful for both preventing and treating cancer.

The wide range of uses for this extract is shown by these potential benefits. Its antioxidant qualities might aid in reducing oxidative stress and promoting general health. Additionally, its function in blood purification and detoxification may be beneficial for general health. Even though more research is needed, the potential anti-cancer properties of burdock root offer hope for the future of cancer prevention and treatment. Burdock root extract may offer a variety of health benefits when added to a balanced diet.


When consumed, burdock root extract works on the body by a number of different mechanisms. The extract’s active ingredients pass through the digestive tract and are primarily absorbed into the bloodstream in the small intestine. Once consumed, these compounds can travel throughout the body and affect a variety of physiological functions.

The antioxidant activity of burdock is one of its most noticeable effects. Burdock root contains phenolic acids, quercetin, and luteolin, which can combat free radicals, unstable molecules that can harm cells and cause inflammation. This extract lowers oxidative stress by scavenging these free radicals in the body. In turn, this might reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of developing a number of chronic symptoms. Additionally, the extract can benefit in blood purification by binding to toxins and promoting their removal as it travels through the bloodstream. The body’s general health is aided by this purifying effect. It improves skin circulation, helping in waste product elimination through the skin and fostering a radiant complexion.

Burdock may also have potential anti-cancer effects as it circulates through the body. The extract contains active compounds that can target and stop the growth of cancer cells like those linked to pancreatic carcinoma. Through their anti-cancer properties, these compounds work to stop the growth of cancerous cells and encourage their expulsion from the body.


Depending on the specific product and the intended use, various burdock dosages may be advised. Typically, burdock root extract can be found in capsule, tincture, tea, and powdered dried root form. It’s essential to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations and speak consult a medical expert to find the right dosage for your unique requirements.

The usual dosage for capsules is 500–1,000 mg taken one–three times daily. However, because concentrations can change, it’s essential to follow the dosage guidelines for the particular product. A typical dosage for tinctures is 2-4 mL taken two to three times daily. A typical dose for dried root powder is 1-2 grams taken up to three times per day. Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all recommendation for burdock root extract and that interactions may vary between individuals. It’s best to start with the lowest dosage advised and increase it gradually while monitoring how your body reacts.

Even though burdock root extract is typically regarded as safe for most people when used in accordance with recommended dosages, it’s important to consult a health professional before beginning any new supplement regimen, particularly if you have underlying medical conditions, are pregnant, or are taking medications. Traditional use of burdock generally supports its safety, and there is very little current research on its efficacy and safety. It is advised to seek advice from a healthcare professional who can provide individualised recommendations based on your unique health needs and circumstances in order to ensure your safety and maximise any potential benefits.


This extract is also available as:

  • Burdock Root Extract 4:1 (Arctium lappa l.)
  • Burdock Root Powder (Arctium lappa l.)

Burdock Root Extract is commonly available in:

  • Burdock Root Extract capsules
  • Burdock Root powder extract
  • Burdock Root liquid extract

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