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Butcher’s broom, scientifically known as Ruscus aculeatus, is a small evergreen shrub native to Western Europe. It gets its unusual name from its strong branches, which have a history of being favored by butchers to clear their cutting boards. In herbal medicine, butcher’s broom has a long history. Its root and rootstock are especially valued for their abundance of different active compounds, including flavonoids and other helpful compounds. These substances have been linked to a number of potential health benefit, mostly focusing on enhancing blood circulation and alleviating diseases like haemorrhoids. For those looking for natural therapies to assist particular health conditions, butcher’s broom presents an intriguing choice due to its historical use and natural constituents.

butcher's broom (red fruit)


This extract offers several potential health benefits due to its active compounds:

  • May Reduce Inflammation: Chronic inflammation raises the risk of some diseases and can cause a number of other health problems. Ruscogenin is one of the compounds present in butcher’s broom that has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects. Ruscogenin has been demonstrated in test-tube research to be able to lower inflammatory indicators and block the synthesis of an enzyme linked to cartilage degradation in osteoarthritis. In animal experiments, it has also been seen to lower diabetes-related inflammatory markers. Butcher’s broom has received little attention in human studies, and more analysis is required to see whether it has any effect in reducing inflammation in people.
  • May Treat Poor Blood Circulation: The ability of butcher’s broom to treat blood circulation issues such chronic venous insufficiency is well documented (CVI). It has substances that aid in the contraction of veins, which makes it easier for blood to return to the heart. According to research, persons with CVI can considerably lessen tension and swelling in their lower legs and ankles by using butcher’s broom. Additionally, a study that examined 20 trials discovered that persons with CVI experienced less discomfort, cramping, and swelling while taking a supplement containing butcher’s broom. These results imply that butcher’s broom may be a valuable natural treatment for enhancing blood flow and reducing CVI symptoms.
    blood flow enhancement: benefits of butcher broom extract
  • May Reduce Symptoms of Orthostatic Hypotension: When someone swiftly gets up, their blood pressure drops abruptly, which frequently causes symptoms including lightheadedness, dizziness, weakness, and nausea. This condition is known as orthostatic hypotension (OH). Because of its ability to constrict veins, butcher’s broom may be useful in preventing minor occurrences of OH. Reflexes in your body normally constrict blood vessels in the lower body to offset this dip in blood pressure, but as you become older, they may become less effective, which could lead to OH. Although further human studies are needed to confirm butcher’s broom’s effectiveness in treating OH, it is a viable option for managing these symptoms because of its capacity to constrict veins.

Further well-designed studies and consideration of individual health situations should guide the incorporation of butcher’s broom extract into healthcare procedures. Furthermore, the potential usefulness of butcher’s broom in treating varicose veins, another ailment related with venous insufficiency, deserves rigorous investigation.


Butcher’s broom extract works in the human body by regulating the circulatory system and reducing inflammation. One of its most important processes is its capacity to constrict blood vessels, notably veins. The active components, such as ruscogenin, have a vasoconstrictive effect, causing blood vessels to tighten. This restriction is especially beneficial for people who have chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), a disorder that causes impaired blood circulation in the lower limbs. Butcher’s broom extract improves blood flow back to the heart by narrowing veins, lowering symptoms such as edoema and tension in the lower legs and ankles associated with CVI.

Furthermore, its vein-constricting qualities may aid in the management of orthostatic hypotension (OH), a disorder characterised by an abrupt dip in blood pressure when standing, although further human research is needed to confirm this effect.

heart health: benefits of butcher's broom extract

Furthermore, butcher’s broom extract appears to be effective at suppressing the inflammatory response in the body. Ruscogenin and other active compounds are thought to block inflammatory signals and reduce inflammation-induced damage. In preclinical studies have shown that ruscogenin can lower inflammatory markers and interfere with the synthesis of enzymes responsible for cartilage degradation in people suffering from illnesses such as osteoarthritis.

Animal studies suggest that these compounds may lower inflammatory indicators linked to diseases such as diabetes. Despite these encouraging findings, it is critical to realise that further research and clinical studies are required to determine the degree of its anti-inflammatory properties in humans. This ongoing study will contribute to a better understanding of the mechanisms by which butcher’s broom extract works and its potential applications for a variety of health issues.


Butcher’s broom extract dose recommendations vary depending on the product and its intended application. Adults are typically advised to take 150-300 milligrams of butcher’s broom extract, which may contain a standardised percentage of active components such as ruscogenin. It is often taken once or twice daily with a meal, or as suggested by a healthcare expert. It is essential, however, to follow the dosage guidelines on the product label or seek advice from a healthcare practitioner for a specific recommendation.

While butcher’s broom extract has a long history of use and shows promise in a variety of health applications, it’s important to note that research on its safety and optimal dosages is ongoing. Individual responses may vary, as with any herbal product, and any interactions with medications or underlying health issues must be considered. Furthermore, pregnant or nursing women, as well as youngsters, should seek medical advice before using butcher’s broom extract. To ensure maximum safety and effectiveness, choose items that have completed third-party quality testing. 


Butcher Broom Extract is also available as:

  • Butchers Broom Extract 20% Ruscogenin (Ruscus aculeatus)
  • Butchers Broom Extract 4:1 (Ruscus aculeatus)

Butcher Broom Extract is commonly available in:

  • Butcher Broom Extract capsules
  • Butcher Broom powder extract
  • Butcher Broom liquid extract

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