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The little red fruit known as cranberries, which is native to North America, is used to make cranberry extract. It is frequently used as a natural treatment or dietary supplement and is well known for its potential health benefits. Proanthocyanidins (PACs), flavonoids, and organic acids are only a few of the bioactive substances found in cranberry extract that could shape its potential benefits.


The benefit of Cranberry extract includes:

  • Best source for Antioxidants: Cranberries are particularly high in flavonoids and vitamin C, two antioxidants that could assist fight free radicals and lessen oxidative stress. The antioxidants in cranberry extract may improve general health by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. However, it’s crucial to speak with a healthcare expert for personalised guidance and to consider it as part of a complete plan for overall health and wellbeing.
  • May prevent UTI: Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are bacterial diseases of the urinary tract, which include the urethra, bladder, and kidneys. Escherichia coli (E. coli) is the most prevalent form of bacterium linked to UTIs; it can stick to the membrane of the urinary system and result in infection. It has been demonstrated that proanthocyanidins, which are found in cranberry extract, prevent E. coli bacteria from bonding to the walls of the urinary system. Cranberry extract lowers the incidence of UTIs by preventing germs from adhering and then colonising and multiplying. Due to this process, cranberry extract has the potential to be used as a preventative measure for recurrent UTIs.
  • May improve heart health: Cranberries’ anti-oxidant qualities may benefit the condition of the heart. Cranberries include antioxidants which help in lowering oxidative stress and irritation, two risk factors for heart disease. By raising HDL (good) cholesterol levels and lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol oxidation, regular intake of cranberries or cranberry extract may assist to enhance blood lipid profiles. Cranberries’ polyphenols have also been linked to better cardiovascular health and lowered blood pressure, both of which support heart health.

While cranberry extract may provide some possible advantages, individual experiences may differ, and additional research is required to completely comprehend the precise mechanisms and efficacy. For specific advice, speak with a medical professional, and include cranberry extract in your diet on a regular basis.


In the human body, cranberry extract functions in a variety of ways. One important mechanism is that it prevents bacterial adsorption in the urinary tract. Proanthocyanidins, one of the constituents in cranberry extract, prevent bacteria, notably E. coli, from adhering to the lining of the urethra and bladder. By preventing the bacteria from developing and growing, this action lowers the chance of urinary tract infections (UTIs). Additionally, the high antioxidant concentration of cranberry extract helps shield cells from damage caused by free radicals, which may lead to persistent health conditions. As a result of the antioxidants in cranberry extract, the body experiences less oxidative stress and inflammation.


There is no recommended dose for cranberry extract supplements, and the amounts vary greatly between brands. According to research, consuming 500–1,500 mg of dried cranberry powder daily may help prevent UTIs. Additionally, dried cranberry extract at a dose of 1,200 mg has demonstrated potential for lowering oxidative stress. The content of proanthocyanidins, a significant active ingredient in cranberry supplements, has been the subject of recent investigations. Products with 36 mg of proanthocyanidins or at least 25% of that amount per serving have been useful at avoiding urinary tract infections.

It is significant to remember that more investigation is required to determine the appropriate dose of cranberry extract for different uses. As a result, it is advised to seek the advice of a medical professional or doctor to establish the proper dosage of cranberry extract based on specific needs and factors. Their advice can offer specific suggestions and ensure the secure and efficient use of cranberry extract.


  • Cranberry fruit extract 1.5% Proanthocyanidins (Vaccinium macrocarpon)
  • Cranberry fruit extract 1.9% Proanthocyanidins (Vaccinium macrocarpon)
  • Cranberry fruit extract 25% Proanthocyanidins (Vaccinium macrocarpon)
  • Cranberry fruit extract 25:1 (Vaccinium macrocarpon)
  • Cranberry fruit extract 36:1 (Vaccinium macrocarpon)
  • Cranberry fruit extract 4:1 (Vaccinium macrocarpon)
  • Cranberry fruit extract 5% Proanthocyanidins (Vaccinium macrocarpon)
  • Cranberry fruit extract 50% Proanthocyanidins (Vaccinium macrocarpon)
  • Cranberry fruit extract 50% Proanthocyanidins 25% Anthocyanin (Vaccinium macrocarpon)
  • Cranberry fruit extract 50:1 (Vaccinium macrocarpon)

Cranberry extract is commonly available as:

  • Cranberry extract capsules
  • Cranberry extract tablets
  • Cranberry  extract powder
  • Cranberry extract liquid

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